These are some shots that I did on march 21st here at the studio… I just haven’t posted them because there are SO many haha. I’ve been lazy bout it but I have a lot to post as well.


I shot these with my lens or my photographer John’s 60mm macro AF lens. which is amazing. I purchased that friday a 55mm OLDER macro lens that was only $170. I loove it. that is what I shot the stuff I will post after this with. hahaha.


I shot this little guy first and really played with him in the raw window to see what I could actually do in the raw window. he as shot with just daylight on white. but he is this little figure they had in the studio. kinda creepy but I like the effect i put on it – raw window RULES.


instudio_atwork2_02.jpg circa 1970. I rule. haha well actually, the raw window does. I really like this though. I realized you could do A LOT more than I thought but i like this little man, I tweaked the colors and what not and again with the vingette. I didn’t use the LOMO thing but I did do it all in the raw window.

NOW!!!! its time. for amazementttt haha.

I got to use John’s macro lens. and I shot some strawberries. with daylight.. with a difusser and really got into the small DOF and just shot.. I really liked the small amount of DOF I was getting when I first started to shoot and I kind of kept playing with it.. it was MY FIRST TIME doing macro.. but I’ve always really wanted to.

so. STRAWBERRIES! (disclamier:: these are A LOT more vibrant in bridg/PS on my screen. while uploading them to post them on here I noticed they aren’t as bright red and vibrant which sucks. but oh well. used your imagination! HAHA.)


I started actually shooting with my lens.. this is with my 28-80mm. the light was GORGOUS!instudio_atwork2_06.jpg

28-80mm lens as well


these aren’t as bright as they are on my screen,like its a massive difference, the greens, red and whites are a lot more brighter and contraster. like I said above…but enjoy the detail!



ooo, I like the way the DOF is really odd. its like in a line. but i dont know. i love small DOF. a friend said that where the focus was places in some of these was weird, but I was shooting for detail of the strawberries with a lovely boquet of DOF. haha


up close and personal. I liked this. because of how really small the DOF is but where there is some -its TACK sharp.



strawberry hairs! (its pissing me off how desat and not bright they are. they were really red when I shot them and I boosted them a bit but anyhow..)


instudio_atwork2_16.jpg detaillllll ❤ upclose. I love macro. instudio_atwork2_23.jpg

this one is kind of weird but I like it.



^ this is by far one of my favorites. ❤ I just really love it.


beautiful light! it could be cropped but I like it.


this pisses me off.

they are all so much brighter and vibrant in PS and in bridge. and they are jpegs and whatever I dont know. the whites were real white and bright and the reds weren’t dull like they are here. but WHATEVER! =[

but I have so many more than what i’m just posting that I picked.. I was really selective with the ones I put on here cus I didn’t it to over flow with similar images of strawberries. but anyhow – carry on!instudio_atwork2_32.jpg

instudio_atwork2_34.jpg heart strawberry<3

OK now. I wanted to see how close this micro lens could go that john had.. + I wanted to shoot this ringfor my jewelry assignment but it was too small and I would have needed like a lot more bellows and whatever. ANYHOW.

here is my ring that I love… and I shot it with daylight with a diffuser on black velvet.

these ALSO aren’t as vibrant as they should be… mmm. but they aren’t AS bad. because the only real real vibrant color in these shots is the amber anyhow.


I love amber ❤


(not as vibrant as it should be.it should be be more golden.)


=] I love this ring.I could have had more DOF but I was having a fun time.

instudio_atwork2_20.jpg these two last shots are very similar but different. I had to post both.


that is all for now.

enjoy my photos.

let me know if you have any questions or comments.

ILOVEITUP here eand their daylight section of their studio rocks.. the stuff I will be posting next is outtakes from out last 2 shoots and stuff i shot with the profoto strobes in the studio.




this is Keb’ Mo’… he is a blues guitarist that I saw with my aunt and uncle at the berklee school of music last weekend.

he was real good, not really my normal type of show, but I GOT YELLED at for taking photos after I asked. wtf. anyhow.

I got this one. it was really the only good one.

with my 70-200mm.

THENNNNN… last week. I got word that they were shooting a movie in Boston. Called “21” about the kids from MIT that did the poker thing and went to vegas and won all sorts of money.. anyhow. kevin spacy and kate bosworth are in it. I got word about where it was going to be shot, and I told my uncle when he picked me up from work and we went to investgate. and here are my shots from the adventure!


these are tons of matthews arms and all kinds of gels from a grip truck on the street on the way to where we found them shooting.


grip truck. =]

movieshoot_mit_05.jpg grip stuff! just sitting out on the street! craaaazy.

movieshoot_mit_07.jpg dressing rooms on the side of the street!


this is a church RIGHT before the bridge to cambridge on Mass. ave… I thought it was pretty. so I shot it. =]movieshoot_mit_10.jpg

the bridge across to cambridge. and there is MIT (where we ended up) on the right.

movieshoot_mit_11.jpg and we FOUND IT! it was RIGHT infront of MIT… and we almost walked right into it.

movieshoot_mit_12.jpg this is from up that little sidewalk where that lady in the tan coat is in the above photo… and they had a big scrim and TONS of extras.

movieshoot_mit_13.jpg MIT. lovely snow!


from the side walk behind this one.. where they were filming. scrim with a big ass hot light behind it.

and amazing camera….


AMAZING CAMERA. and some actors and hopefully a director..


another one. actors and such.


I turned around from watching them shoot and I saw this. and this girl looked beautiful in this snowy day in front of this old building.

it was perfect.

well that was my monday afternoon of last week. and keb mo was sunday.


it was fun.


I SAW A MOVIE BEING FILMED! with stars. didn’t see any famous people though =[

but talked to a few extras. it was cool.

up TOO early.

I am up too early.

I need to learn to go to bed early, when I NEED to. and not drink so much wine. very small hangover + way way tired SUCKS.

but I hadn’t had wine in a while. so it was kinda nice, but I was alone. so that wasn’t but my grandpa is really sick.

he has had random random complications the past few weeks and he now has a virus and they aren’t sure what it is. not the flu. not pneumonia.

I dont know. its starting to freak me out. but I just found out yesterday we will be going to NC for Easter. which will be nice but SUCK at the same time.. i want to see my grandpa, friends and family but I don’t really wanna go back. haha. but I get to come back here so that is nice. but anyhow. its not for another 2 or 3 weeks and I will be there wedneday night thru easter monday. like 4 or 5 days or something. which is kind of long but I hope I get to see some of my friends.

I found someone to see the decemberists with me on saturday. I’m stoked. and she is adorable.

her name is tascha. =] and she goes to simmions college. hopefully I can hang out with her some before the show happens. but everyone else I’ve met or whatever is working on saturday night.

I’m at au bon pain. not pronouced that way. pronouced ” AH booon pah”.. you know. french. haha

its a nice little place. its a cafe. they have coffee, a nice breakfast and lunch. and all sorts of pastries and juices. its kind of like panera?.. a short walk from 25 drydock… its at like 21 drydock. same building.

and they have free wi-fi.

BUT, im going to finish my bagel and walk to work. ❤


We went yesterday. my aunt, uncle and I. to the ICA. Institue for contemporary arts. ❤

I LOVED IT. I was so upset I couldn’t photograph some of the exhibits but I wrote down TONS of artists names..

they had the bullet going thru the apple photo there by herold edgerton – like 1 millionth of a second strobes, RIDUCLOUS.

but anyhow. and A TON of really cool exhibits.




this is the charles river.. right behind the ICA.


the deck on the ICA.. and part of the finical district of Boston. and the wicked cool overhang over the water. no support on the ICA..this building had the COOLEST architecture.

ica_boston_03.jpg this is the back deck of the ICA… and that is the cafe inside those windows.. the entrance was to the right of this photo around the other side of the building.


this is going more toward the entrace.. on the back deck of the ICA. and a lovely view of downtown finical district of Boston.


this is the entrance to the ICA… amazing painting illustration on the wall. beautiful. a lot of my friends need to come to this place.. there is so much amazing art!

ica_boston_07.jpg this is the most AMAZING elevator that i’ve ever seen. its HUGE and completely glass all around. amazing. (at the ICA, dur)


going into the “super vision” gallery on the 4th floor. its an amazing exhibit. I took a photo of this.. because I really loved the line that I highlight so beautifully(haha) in photoshop. =] there would be TONS more photos but you obviously cannot photograph in gallerys.

ica_boston_13.jpg this amazing view over the river. its between the 2 sides of the galleries on the 4th floor. its astounding to walk into. its such an awesome room.

ica_boston_14.jpg amazing windows. amazing view. boston = amazing. period.

ica_boston_15.jpg amazing lines and symmetry. ❤

ica_boston_10.jpg part of the view. closer to the windows.


part of anthony’s 4 pier resturant. the other side of the view in the room… I should have done a panoramic. but yea.

ica_boston_12.jpg anthony pier4 resturant behind the ICA. and a beautiful sky.


this is the room underneath the great view room and between the two galleries on the 4th floor as well..its a computer lab with all kinds of information about the artists and the ICA and videos you can watch. with a cool view of the water and a very neat feel to the room.

ica_boston_17.jpg the view from the bottom of that room above out the lovely windows… its kind of scary to back up and look back into the room.. i almost felt like I was goin to fall out. the windows lean out over the water and the deck.

ica_boston_18.jpg looking back up in the room. with all the lovely imacs. and people enjoying themselves and learning.=]


AMAZING elevator from the 4th floor looking down. this thing was so awesome. seriously biggest elevator ever. bigger than any service or any kind of elevetor i’ve been in. and all glass.

ica_boston_20.jpg this is the view of the elevator from the back of the computer room. thru glass.. coming up. I like it.. its very abstract. =] hehe.

and I kind of did a self portraity type thing?

ica_boston_22.jpg cool ass orange chairs in the cafe of the ICA. I love them. and the light was beautiful.

ica_boston_24.jpg this was a shot from behind my aunts head… and the way this post thing framed with this girls body and posture… looked really nice. not as nice though as they did in person.



ICA = awesome. the first museum i’ve been to in Boston and I love it. I can’t wait to go to the museum of science and others. and the aquarium. but it was a great experience I have TONS of artists to look up!


and LET ME KNOW what you think of my photos? and enjoy your “trip” to Boston thru my photos!<3

Internship + Snow.

Here are some photos of the building where I work in Boston. I took these last tuesday after work waiting to be picked up..

We are on the 6th floor. and there is a navy hospital ship right across the street being worked on.. we are the building right behind the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.




this is a photo from google – we are that big ass building behind that cruise ship. its awesomeeee


dock 25 yo! 25 drydock ave. this is where i work. I love it. (ps, that is the link to john holts website. dock 25. there are more photos of the inside of the studio and what not on there as well.

Here is some of the stuff I shot last monday at work when we had some free time, I brought my camera in and played around.


apple blossoms from the shoot from the week previous. with some LOVELY window light that they have in the little back room. there day light “studio” area. haha




okay so those are those. internship. from work. I love it. and I’m sure I’ll have more photos to come from the studio – i hope. but that is where I work and something I’ve shot in the studio in beautiful window light…I have a few other posts to make today. but i’m going to keep it organized so its not just like a ton of photos in one post from a bunch of different things.

So last thursday. it snowed in Boston and all over the north east. it snowed here 8 inches.

I took some photos and made a “snowman” that late afternoon haha. he is more of a snow pile. but its the most snow i’ve seen in YEARS. so it was exciting.

snow_drop_window.jpg drops on the window… it was SNOWING.


snow man! haha. he is cute. but now completely COVERED. it snowed + 4 inches after this.

before the snow man building I took some photos of myself in the snow.. and then downloaded some cool brushes and a really awesome action for photoshop that makes your photos look like they were shot with a LOMO camera. which RULES. and it was totally awesome for these photos..friday was inside photoshop day. i explored and had fun with it. and the brushes I downloaded were kind of like 35mm film base+fog. aka. the sproket holes. or whatever. but ANYHOW

here is one of the snow with the lomo action… it was a cool shot of it snowing anyhow.

snow_building.jpg its hard to tell in this photo. but it really gives it a cross-processed high saturated hi contrasty greenish tint and vingettes the sides (sp?) it only works well on certian types of photos.

but I played with the ones I did of myself. which they are silly of course. but they are neat.

lomo_filmborder_snowx2.jpg this also shows the brushes i downloaded… there are few different types of film edges and i got a cool polaroid border too but they didn’t fit right. anyhow. these have the lomo action on them… and the film border and some cool brushes.. a lot of them were just small little splocthes of things.. for like neat graphic designy things i just wanted the borders and what not. ANYHOW.

i love this action and it totally works for me cus i love GREEN. anyhow, those are my being silly and cold in the snow trying to bear the wind. haha . but its been a very photo eventfully few weeks up here. I’m loving it. I have so much too post!

one more for this post.

eyes_lomo_snow.jpg this is another one I shot of myself but I looked really sad but I loved the way my eyes “spoke” in it and so I did the lomo on the whole photo and then cropped it and saturated my eyes a little more. it looks like a still from a movie – its intense. I really like it.

so. that was a lot to take in. and I have tons more to post.

ENJOY! let me know what you think of the photos!<3

Boston: more photos

Friday I went to Newbury st. walked there. and all the way down and back.

I shot a lot of stuff too. and shopped some.

These are my photos from on my way to newbury st..on newbury st. and on the way back. I would have shot a ton more if I hadn’t been looking around at everything and everyon and doing a bit of shopping. and trying to find my way around.

trust me… there will be PLENTY photos to come of this city and what not.

anyhow. enough of that.

here are some photos!


another cool building with vines on the way to newbury st.. right over the mass pike.. with a plethera of one way st. signs. haha newbury_st_06.jpg

awesome church off berkley st on the way to newbury.


on newbury st. – it was a pretty to me. I had to capture that.


at the life is good store on newbury st… there are SO many awesome stores there. most of which are fancy and too expensive.. but they have johnny cupcakes and a few other great ones!


speaking of johnny cupcakes! here it is! I spent some time in there.. I couldn’t decide on what tshirt i wanted. but I ended up getting a limited edition one with a robot and a chef with some cupcakes on it, of course. and a few pins.. it was awesome! I should have shot some inside the store, but I was too busy looking at all the cool teeshirts.


^ some awesome doors to brownstones off newbury st. – wicked old and awesome!


^ the Boston Public Library. off dartmouth st on the way back from newbury st. newbury_st_11.jpg

^ Trinity Church, across from the Boston Public Library on Dartmouth st… Very historical church. Its so old and still SO beautiful.


awesome wicked tall reflective building next to trinity church.. the sky and the building looked amazing. no saturation added either.


this was a sign on the walk home from newbury st near my aunts place.. It reminds me of “married to the sea”… I had to photograph it.


awesome bike on .. once again a ONE WAY st. sign. almost back to my aunts place…haha everything is one way. I just liked the way they looked together. + that bike is my fave COLOR. well one of them.


last week on a shoot we did, the stylist brought these tulips for the client and art directors to take home ( she gets plants whole sale) and I got to take some home cus there was plenty left..

I shot some photos of them before I went to newbury st on friday @ my aunts apartment.. there is beautiful light in this apartment in the afternoon! (I haven’t shot flowers in a long time… haha I used to all the time! it was kind of nice!)

here are the shots.

newbury_st_02.jpg beautiful!

newbury_st_03.jpg beautiful, again!

newbury_st_04.jpg and the last one! yay pretty flowers!

and thank god for beautiful soft window light.. its always a great thing and I’m glad my aunts apartment has it! I just sat them next to the door in the beautiful sunlight and got some great shots!

I also got to shoot some in the studio today with their wonderful little bit of window light and shot some of the cherry blossoms the stylist had brought last week as well… I will upload those later though. They are still in my camera.

but there. those are it for right now! there will def. be more to come soooon.

I told myself I’d shoot one photo everyday that I’m here..and I haven’t. BUT its because i’ve been hanging out and doing things but I have shot a lot for a week.. and so its okay. I’m shooting more than I did on my last internship really. I only shot a few times for myself last internship.. but this time. def. different. i will have more later this week.

enjoy and let me know what you think!<3

PS. I HATE the way you have to resize the horizontal pictures to be so small so they don’t get cut off by my layout. ANNOYING.

I have been busy.

I met a boy. he is awessssome. and I worked 3 full days this week. I didn’t work yesterday and monday ( i didnt have to monday )

and Friday they were just doing post.. SO yesterday I went to Newbury st. (shopping st. like armani to urban outfitters to JOHNNY CUPCAKES) and I got a teeshirt and some pins from johnny cupcakes and a pair of amazing diesel sneakers for $49 that are black,gray and brown. and awesomeeeee.

I have plus 30 photos to post from JUST this week.

I should have brought my camera into the studio and shot thursday. I could have. ( I didnt know that ) I just sat around and read books on photoshop. haha.

Okay so.

I am going to finally post some photos from monday when i went out. I also shot photos from the top of my aunts building of the city scape and put them into a panoramic and its okay.. but it needs some work.


here are some photos of Boston!!


^ part of tremont st. about 2 or 3 blocks from my aunts st toward cambridge. and newbury st.


^ a cool ass side of a brownstone building<3


^ tremont st.


^ walking to the resturant on tremont st. BEAUTIFUL day!

boston_firstdayshots_05.jpg this was a shot from the resturant I went to eat at with my uncle called aquataine. its a french resturant off TREMONT st. hahah. yes there is a tremont st, and i was like GOD DAMNIT CHARLOTTE NC. haha.

but anyhow.. moving on.

boston_firstdayshots_06.jpg another photo at aquataine. very posh place. classy. FRENCH. DELISH!

boston_firstdayshots_07-copy.jpg my food at aquataine how it came out. YUM! it was great. chicken salad sandwich and split pea soup. and my uncles food in the background. some kind of fancy steak and fries. it was all beautiful and nicely portioned. hah

boston_firstdayshots_08.jpg this door was teal. brown stones are my favorite. they are EVERY wherehere in the soundend. i want to live here.


^ Cathedral of the Holy Cross. – cathedral high school on Washington st. in the south end. RIGHT across from my aunt’s place.


^ okay this photo was completely inspired by julia dean. I was walking toward china town.. and there were all these cute older people walking.. and I saw this lady across the street and I liked the shot anyhow and I totally waited for her to walk into my shot like this. I wanted her a little bit more over to the left but eh. I saw her and then I was like OH! phoooto.

I desaturated it. because this is how it felt out that day. it was freezing. I think it might be a bit to graphic and I wish that the background was a bit more out of focus but. I like it.



^ a really cool ass back of the building on the outside of china town I believe.

boston_firstdayshots_13.jpg walking around in boston.. in the south end. BROWNSTONES<3

boston_firstdayshots_14.jpg one of my fave shots from that day. I love brownstone buildings. and that one way street sign is very boston haha. every street here is ONE WAY haha.


^part of the cityscape of Boston from the top of my aunts building. AMAZING day.

Those are 15 photos. my choices from the first day. out offff about 2 gigs. and then I have more to post that I shot yesterday which.. well. I will hopefully post this weekend as well. <333

Let me know what you think.

I’m absolutely FUCKING LOVING Boston! this city rules. I am going to have trouble leaving cus I love Boston so much. everything is so old but new and ah timeless and just classic. I love it. and I met a boy. and I hope to meet some more amazing people soon. ❤

I miss you guys in NC! hope you are enjoying that warm weather.. it has been like 8 degrees this week. I’m getting used to this cold.. its 50 degrees today that is the warmest it has been in a WHILE. yesterdays high was like 33 and I walked all around and was pretty fine. haha